The establishment group is set up to assist new church members settle down in Houston and existing members live a more comfortable life by His grace. The group interfaces with church members to identify those individuals coming in to church and are in need of assistance. Some come directly to the group and some are referred to the group by pastors or other ministers. The group’s services are free to all and all information provided to the group are confidential.
The primary goal is to provide useful information to people who have just relocated to Houston. Some of these information are about how to:
    •    Obtain social security number
    •    Obtain driver’s license
    •    Apply for job(s)
    •    Get medical services and insurance
    •    Open a bank account
    •    Help to locate school for children/Self
    •    Welfare and social Services
    •    Transportation
The group also is geared towards providing guidance and information to existing church members on becoming better established. Some of these information are:
    •    Going to school or Going back to school
    •    Getting financial aids
    •    Changing careers
    •    Obtaining assistance during financial hardship.