Mission statement: To raise and equip a unique breed of people with the tools (The word of God, Godly ideals and leadership skills) necessary to secure an excellent future and positively impact this generation for God.

Goals and Vision
•    To expand the kingdom of God through soul-winning
•    To develop Godly character and promote spiritual growth
•    To create an avenue for Godly fellowship and interaction
•    To provide a platform for outreaches, community impact and mission work
•    To develop and encourage individual talents and career ambitions
•    To provide and disseminate useful information on personal development and other relevant issues
•    To promote social and intellectual networking

BASIC principles/Fundamentals
1.    Love: This is the principle thing. We should not underestimate the effect of Godly love in this group. Therefore, everyone is expected to relate with each other in genuine love. Let the love of God radiate from us. Rom 12:10, 1 John 4:11-12, Phil 2:4-5

2.     Trust: We are expected to trust completely in the lord especially in this phase of our lives. Let us endeavor to put our trust in God alone.  Prov 3:5,Ps 73:28, Ps 125:1

3.    Instruction: We will constantly stand together in the place of prayer to hear what God has to say concerning His perfect will for our lives. He said; I will instruct you and teach you in the way that you should go-Ps 32: 8. We will rely on Him for direction in every aspect of our lives. Prov 16: 25.

4.    Holiness/Fear of the lord: Holiness should be the basis for our daily living. We should strive to reflect the fear of God in all that we do. 1Pet 1:15, 2Cor 7:1, Ps 1:1-3.

5.    Commitment/Availability: Availability is the highest proof of responsibility. It is therefore our responsibility to be committed to His work and be available for His use. Heb 10:24-25.

6.    Personal Development/Word of God: The word of God will be our guild and the basis of our Christian living. We shall constantly empower ourselves with the word of God. We cannot make the desired impact in our world if we are not readily filled with the word of God. Matt 15:14. It will also help us to live victorious Christian lives. Ps 119:11

7.    Leadership Principles/ Godly Examples: Our lives must reflect Christ whom we claim to serve. We are to lay aside every old behavior and forsake our former ways. Heb 12:1. Our words, thoughts, conversations, appearance and deeds must be exemplary. We will endeavor to show good Christian character and virtues.

Finally, our present phase of life is very significant in the agenda of God. He is so interested in how we live out this stage of life. He desires that we have a closer relationship with Him, so He can do great and mighty things in and through us.

There is no better time than now!!!
I will instruct you and teach you in the way that you should go Ps 32: 8.
Now is the time to be involved in His work Jn 9:4